A dog with a chronic sinus infection

“Last year (before meeting Dr. Khaseipoul) I lost my dog to a simple infection, after spending thousands of dollars on vet bills and ineffective antibiotics.
Not long after, I adopted a little street dog from Taiwan that has quite a severe injury to his snout. Best guess is that acid ate through the tissue and the bone and caused a hole that went through his sinuses and through his palette – if you looked from above you could see the ground if his mouth was open He was emotionally scarred, aloof, fearful around other dogs, skittish, and had no desire to play or seek out affection. The only pleasure he seemed to get was at mealtimes. He seemed fine physically at the time I adopted him, even with his injury.Before my adopting him, this little dog underwent four different surgeries – two successfully repaired the damage done to his palette, so he can now eat normally. The subsequent two surgeries tried to repair the hole in his snout that leaves his sinuses exposed – neither was successful.

About a month after I adopted him, he developed a sinus infection that caused the lesion to open again. The conventional vet told me (after three courses of ineffective antibiotics that did nothing but strengthen the particular strain of bacteria, and one surgery) that the infection was so resistant that he would have to fight it on his own. They also wanted to perform a fifth surgery in less that a year to try to repair the lesion again – which I was completely against. I would do anything to help him, but the previous two surgeries failed and nothing had changed to lead me to believe the next would be successful. He was so miserable during his recovery that I couldn’t bring myself to put him through that again.I was in a panic, especially because of what had happened to my previous dog. Initially, I was only hoping to improve his ability to fight off the infection. The rescue who had arranged the adoption recommended I seek out Dr. Khaseipoul.

Best thing I have ever done in regards to my pets.

She agreed that it would be cruel to put him through another surgery. She prescribed a remedy to help him fight the infection and to improve his overall well-being. Within two weeks, he was a changed dog, both in his happiness, and the symptoms of the infection. He was feeling better, both physically and emotionally.This once miserable little dog is happy, healthy, shiny, affectionate, calm and friendly. I started to cry the first time he started to play with a toy and chase a ball. He is even starting to play with other dogs, which he never did before. The change in him is amazing – and it is all due to Dr. Khasiepoul’s care.We are now trying to heal the lesion naturally rather than attempt a fifth surgery. It is a slow process, but we are hopeful that the hole will heal without surgery. But he is in such a healthy space right now that even if it doesn’t heal, he will still be ok, thanks to Dr. Rehanni. She is kind, knowledgeable, and so very helpful. She follows up frequently and is always available for support, advice and recommendations.However, most importantly, she knows what works – and is so thorough when searching for the right remedy. I was not sure what to expect before the first visit – but I am certainly convinced. I wish I had sought her out during my previous dog’s illness.”

AH, Burnaby , BC

This from a client whose dog is suffering from a large nasal fistula.